SCTE 104/35 Messaging Software

AdIT is powerful new software that gives broadcasters the ability to provide a targeted and personalized viewing experience by generating frame-accurate SCTE 104/35 messaging without affecting existing broadcast operations.

Drop-in Solution

AdIT automatically generates all SCTE 104/35 messages including customer-provided metadata* without requiring traffic & scheduling teams to modify playlists or add secondary events

*Requires AdIT Network Edition to enable this feature


AdIT provides precise timing information for live and prerecorded playlist events


AdIT communicates with your broadcast automation system in real-time, following along with day-of-air changes and last-minute adjustments and does not rely on potentially outdated schedule data


AdIT offers a well-documented API for integration with third-party monitoring tools

Browser-based management console

Auto-discovery of AdIT instances and color-coded representations show operational status at a glance

User Addressable Rules Engine

User-friendly rules editor provides flexibility and messaging control